The Knownothings

by The Knownothings

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First Album


released July 11, 2012

Ray Badalich



all rights reserved


The Knownothings Portland, Oregon

All I know is that I don't know nothing.

This album was recorded in janky conditions on a laptop. We are a band in progress.

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Track Name: Good Looking

Feeling just a little like cocaine
Bit once twice then feel strange
‘Cause you know what I am
You want to hold it
Even though you’ve done sold it
Looked once twice then fold it
‘Cause you know who I am

So you gave it all away
Now everybody says that's OK
Now things will never ever be the same
I guess just like you planned
just because if it feels so good
doesn’t mean anybody understood
I Never ever really thought you could
At least I know who I am


Cuz it feels so good
I feel so bad
You wish you could
or you never had


And she’s so good looking
Maybe she'll try not to love at all
And he’s so good looking
A feast for eyes so big and tall
So baby you took it
Now feel like a little less of a soul
But so damn good looking
Maybe just drink some more alcohol
Track Name: I am the Forest

Hey mister mister what do you need? Mister twenty-first century.
Gonna take your chainsaw, cut through some trees?
It just rips and strips and before long it bleeds!
I need to find ideology, just like Johnny Unitas swinging up through the trees
Modern man, he has lots of greed he just rapes and takes and it’s more than we need

Hey mister can you listen to me. Can you spare some food to eat?
The fruit is gone and so is the tree and this Styrofoam nutrition is killing me!
You get what you got and you got what you need just like Jeffery Dahlmer stalking up through the trees
Can’t get what I want with please, I guess I'll have to use any means necessary


Skyrocket because it has to be
Because we’re high, we’re in love, maybe it’s LSD?
Skyrocket because it has to be on fire!—ie ie ah a ah

Skyrocket because it has to be
Because it's itchy, I can't sleep, maybe it’s PCP?
Skyrocket because it has to be on fire!—ie ie ah a ah


I am the forest don’t forget about me
I’m the one that you want, I make the air that you breathe
Don’t take your chainsaw and cut through me
Cause looking ahead it’s looking pretty bleak
And in the future there’s no suture we’ve already gone too far
We don’t need to find it, we’ll just synthesize it now!—wo oh oh o oh o oh oh
Track Name: Johnny Covet

Broken windows, empty room, a dim flashlight
Everything is all gone
And the cousin of my neighbor did prison labor
and he's living next door to me

You can get what you want and still have nothing at all
And the neighbors are gone
Got a cousin, owes a favor
Pay a visit later tonight


Johnny seemed to lost it
Jenny sure did want it
and Antonio is a thief

Okay alright

I'll never find who's got it
He'll never know I robbed him
aaaah aaaah—

Chorus 1

Got it free cuz' you paid
Sold it on Ebay
Veni Vini Vincti
Cuz' I covet what I can

Feels like you got it
Know that you want it
but you never really had it at all

All say
Have it all some day
Maybe you can please me
we can share all that we have

Feels like you got it
Know that you want it
but you never really had it at all

Chorus 2

Maybe you can have me
With enough money
Now im gonna have to take
everything that I can grab

Feels like you got it
Know that you want it
but you never really had it at all

All Say
Who will I meet today
yesterday has left me
all alone with what I had

Feels like you got it
Know that you want it
but you never really had it at all

It goes on and on and on and on
Feels like we got it all wrong
It goes on and on and on—
Track Name: Better You

Well it is the time for procrastination
Feeling sorry and some shitty fast food
Cause it is the end of our association
Feeling sorry, yes I do, ‘cause it's true


But it’s been too many times, so what betters you? What betters you?
And I think it'll be all right if only we stay true, if we told the truth
But if you can’t do what’s right then baby we are through, ‘cause I know what you do
And its been too many times so what betters you?


Always when you're around, you're bringing me down
Sometimes think I’d be better off if you weren’t around

Verse II
So here we are and I feel so jaded
Feeling lousy cause I think I love you
But I’m sick and tired of in-communication
Need to know right now if it's through
If we're through
Track Name: Free Freak

Heading out to the big city
to find myself and who I really be
Just a country boy with simple needs
Now need to specify love and to redefine greed
Cause everyone here that I do me
takes something that's strangely apart of me
And I know I should be myself as me
but that’s exactly the problem you see

Life is hard for a boy of your kind
Growin up I heard all the time
But I find myself feeling oh just fine,
changing games and winning minds
Cause everyone here is caught in the grind
A special smile is getting harder to find
I’m not going to be another stuck in line
Cuz it’s taken long enough for my time to shine


Outside is rocking, inside's all talking about me
Everybody I know says I’m a son of a bitch
Can't help it, in fact I sure really like it
It’s exciting to be so free
And if you don’t like rocking then cease all of your talking with me
‘Cause I’ll knock your ass out like Mohammed Ali
Can’t help it in fact I sure really like me
It’s exiting to be so fucking free


It’s exciting to be, to be a freak like me
It’s exciting to be this freak that sets me free.
Track Name: Live for Tonight

Johnny’s all fucked up doing lots of meth again
Jenny’s popping sleeping pills though she can’t remember it
Danny’s smoking weed and he’s really got some good good tree
But you know I’d rather just get…

Everybody in school hangs around like real cool
Till they tip the bottle then they're acting just like real fools
Everyone’s a hippie and they’re trippy when they’re smoking weed
But you know I’d rather just get…


I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna get wasted tonight
I'm gonna drink, gonna party, maybe get in a fight
Everybody I know with me and my friends are getting wasted tonight!


Okay! Alright! Better to live fast than die with pride
I'll die today, but I'd rather tonight
As we try to live one more time this artificial life
Track Name: Your Choice

Woke up in the afternoon
Hair in her eyes
and a smile that didn't need no toothbrush
and I get to get her right now

Hotel, motel, livingroom
in the backseat, in the bedroom
I don't care I just want her right now

Parents gone for the weekend
Get to get her, get to get her,
get together get together right now

Started to take the shirt off her chest
when I saw a cross around neck
and she said, “Oh my god, we've gone too far now.”

chorus 1

Because there is a book and it says I'm wrong
so I'm going straight to hell
and I've tried so hard not to be a sinner
but I guess I was something else
and it goes on and on
and over again
until the priests can repent their sins

Do what you want to do
The choice is up to you
Oh what could I do
The choice was up to you

chorus 2

Because there is a man
and he says I'm wrong
so I'm going straight to jail
And I tried so hard to be a winner
but I guess I was just myself
And it goes on and on
and over again
until the judge can set my bail

Do what you want to do
The choice is up to you
What could I do
The choice was up to you


And we're trippin
like never before
and we're trippin out—
Because I'm a criminal
Gotta bag of weed
and a plant in my yard
Is it me, am I crazy?
Or is it the world?
Track Name: All Alone

All of these thoughts of you are running through my mind
Depression and misery are giving me a crooked spine
You are a friend, a friend of the special kind
I wish you were here right now and I wish that you were mine
and I know

Some of the best things I have ever had
Linger sadly now somewhere in the past
Time goes by oh so very fast
I guess its true the good times never last
And I know,


I’m on my own and I’m feeling so alone
I wish all my friends could come on back to life and I know
That if you go we'll never ever know
Whether it was fantasy or if it could come to life
but at least I tried
I did not lie
No, at least I tried
So lets get high
Track Name: Thrown Away

So then you come to find
That you weren't special as much unkind
and then you realize
everything you told me was a lie
I thought you were my friend

and I'll never let you in again-
Never let you in again

verse 2

So then you come to find
That twenty good years are left behind
And then she realized
the kids are worth money so they are mine
and all those things you said

and I'll never let you in again-
Never let you in again-


I heard you screaming but I did not let you in
Because you threw me away
And you wonder why I never want to see you again
Because you threw me away
And if you love me, then why search for better sin?
Just to lead you astray-
Because you threw me away
Because you threw me away

And I'm feeling just a little bit bitter!
Track Name: Unusual Pleasure
i have left my lover and leader
to savor what was taught
about duty and morals
denying every word,
allow myself to contradict
what i'm told to be true,
enveloped in what manifests
i wait to be cured

we must sacrifice our bodies
in order to strengthen the spirit
read directions of winds
when drawing in the smoke
it's struggle that brings the change
there's only comfort found in suffering
pollute the temples, you will find
an emptiness called peace of mind


Cruel and unusual pleasure
makes a man feel more mature.
Heads covered without hoods
prove the worst of odds.
The sanity of our sisters
sanctity is lost
Free at last of masters
Makes a man feel mature

Prove the worst of odds

When my skin meets steel
Is that all I can really feel?
The sedation of our gods
Gotta ask yourself
What have I sought?
Track Name: Never the Same

Load my memories
into a cannon and
aim it at my eyes.
Burn away the disguise
My fires fleeting

Fade the photos
Lost souls sold the
chains of ink
and books that bind
tearing at the spine
A page never opened

Fragments crumble
crushing into pupils
without making a sound
No longer holds me down
Ground level rising

Twilight open
Glimpse the setting
Heading to a place
No one will find
Fading of the light
Words never spoken


And let me feel no more shame
It's time to end this game
And don’t tell me who’s to blame
Cuz things will never be the same-


Tried life tried love
gave up then it came
I'm feeling weaker
Try to float but I sink even deeper
and things will never be the same
Track Name: Better Grace

Feeling low, feeling strange, feel as though a bit deranged
Sometimes I, feel no pain, that’s when the drugs are in my veins
Because in my eyes, I don’t see, the harder you look the harder to believe
And if you do, well don’t mind me, a lot of people feel sorry for other than me


And these things come to light, when digging deeper
Didn’t think very hard hey at least I tried

Its true all things live and die, makes me feel much better
Hearing all this talk about the other side


And you know she will never make it when she’s needing me so badly
Too bad grief comes so much later
And if you could never fake it could it really ever happen?
Maybe once or just believe it, until we find our better grace

And you know I’ll never make it when I’m needing her so badly
Flesh and lies don’t last forever
And you know I never faked it so it never even mattered
Bits and pieces come together or have we lost our better grace?


Our better place
^A better way^
A brand new day And a brand new grace—don’t feel so down—
^In a better place^
Had it once but it got away


Didn’t always have to be this way

Verse II

Because I am still afraid Feeling like I do today
^Feeling low down not feeling brave^
^There is a world with no pain^
And sorry never matters

Bridge II

No better place Still far away
^our saving faith^
Still be afraid It will always be this way— don’t feel so down—
^Afraid of today^
Was there once but I ran away


And you know I’ll never make it
And you know I’ll never make it
Because I never ever faked it
And you knew I could never make it
Track Name: Inside
Now you've realized your dreams
bringing chaos as you please
I will swim back up stream
Where I'm to die

Once was alive
Only on the ride to see where it goes
Nothing is mine
Think I'm going to croak before anyone knows
One day I might
Go with the highs and come with the lows
Might go outside

It's the reason you hide when you are awake
The reason why you sleep through everyday
I didn't know it but I think I'm okay
it's how I feel inside It's the reason I lie

Jack Sprack Speagle and his silver spoon
a chrome carborator is turning the moon
I hear too much so I clear out some room inside my mind

Hold only so much inside
Black cat in the path means danger
Guess I can try
Better be a coward than to see a stranger
Maybe I'm blind
Once thought I knew you but I rearrange
What I find